Braden T. Warwick, PhD

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Queen's University
Kingston, ON, CAN

Braden Warwick is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen's University. Braden received his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Queen's University in 2015. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Braden immediately began graduate studies under Dr. Chris Mechefske within the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen's University, where he was apart of a collaborative research project with Bombardier Aerospace.


One year into graduate studies., Braden was offered the opportunity to promote to a Ph.D. student prior to defending his master's thesis. Braden seized the opportunity, adding Dr. Il Yong Kim as a co-supervisor and expanding the research project to include topology optimization. Upon completion of his comprehensive exams in August 2017, Braden officially became a Ph.D. Candidate. In May 2019 Braden successfully defended his dissertation earning his Ph.D.


Braden has been highly involved in both university administrative roles and teaching duties. Braden was the lead Teaching Assistant (TA) for the graduate seminar series for two years during his graduate studies. This role placed Braden in a leadership position amongst his peers, responsible for organizing and leading all graduate seminars during the academic year. Braden has been a TA for eight different courses during his graduate studies, being highly involved in course development in the process. In 2019, Braden was the recipient of the Dean's Teaching Assistant Award within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen's University, acknowledging his enthusiasm and aptitude for teaching.


Additionally, Braden completed a Teaching Fellowship in the fall of 2018, where he was responsible for generating and presenting lecture and laboratory content, as well as preparing the midterms and the final examination. The student course evaluations provide evidence that Braden was able to out-perform the departmental mean in several key areas, whereby the department consistent mostly of tenured faculty members. Braden received similar praise as an Adjunct Professor at Queen's University during the Winter 2020 term.


Despite being highly involved in both administrative and teaching roles at Queen's University, and completing an internship at Bombardier Aerospace during the summer of 2018, Braden has been able to generate a strong publication record during his graduate studies and as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Since becoming a Ph.D. Candidate in August 2017, Braden has published three peer-reviewed conference proceedings at the ASME IDETC Mechanical Vibration & Noise conference, and five journal papers as a first author in highly reputable journals in his field of study. Braden is highly active in the community, being a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) since 2017, and attending the Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) poster session in 2018 and 2019.


Braden is passionate about developing new methodologies that can be easily implemented into industry to allow for rapid advancement in technology. Braden is a highly motivated individual, eager to learn and does not shy away from competition. Braden has demonstrated the ability to take on new roles and out-perform individuals with several years more experience. Braden is constantly developing new and innovative ideas for both research and course development in higher education.


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Research Interests

Braden's Ph.D. research investigated aircraft design with regards to minimizing aircraft structural vibro-acoustic response to engine excitation. 


Braden has developed several new methodologies for improving the accuracy of computational finite element models, critical for improving time and financial efficiency. These include a novel finite element model updating technique, a novel aircraft substructuring analysis, the first thorough vibro-acoustic investigation of an aft-fuselage twin-engine mounted aircraft, and the first successful implementation of topology optimization on a pre-stiffened aircraft bulkhead.


Braden hopes to implement his methodologies to widespread applications ranging from the automotive industry to medical applications. Braden places high value on industry application and aims to develop methodologies easily implemented by industry to help advance technology and society directly.


Moving forward, Braden plans on evolving his current methodologies to address issues previlent in other industries. The medical industry has a strong carryover for the methodologies Braden has developed, with a high emphasis in generating light-weight design with minimal structure-borne noise and vibration for human-assistive technology.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Fellowship

Braden was a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering at Queen's University in the fall of 2018 where he taught APSC 143 - Introduction to Computer Programming for Engineers.


Braden's course evaluations scored higher than the departmental average (the majority consisting of tenured faculty) during his first teaching fellowship. Braden scored high in several key categories, including effectiveness as a teacher (score 3.9, mean 3.7), ability to address the needs of students from diverse groups (score 4.0, mean 3.8), showing a genuine concern for the students (score 4.4, mean 3.7), coming well prepared to lectures (score 4.3), being reliable (score: 4.6), and being available outside of class (score 4.3, mean 3.6). 


Braden's work ethic, effective communication skills, and general passion and excitement for teaching are what separates him from the average instructor. Braden has excellent time management and organization skills, and that was made clear to the students by his high reliability and preparedness scores. 


Braden is constantly looking at new ways to improve his teaching and to develop his courses Braden has several innovative ways of improving his courses to better connect with the students and to provide a higher level of engagement between himself and the students. Refer to Braden's Teaching Philosophy for more information.

Teaching Assistantships

Braden was a teaching assistant (TA) for eight courses during his four years of graduate studies at Queen's University. Braden has taken on every possible duty of a TA, from leading lectures, labs, and tutorials, to grading labs, midterms, and exams, to meeting with students and providing one-on-one assistance. Braden has used his teaching expertise to provide feedback to the instructors regarding course development. Braden is passionate about providing a high level of education for undergraduate students and has innovative ways of accomplishing this task.

Contact Information

Queen's University, McLaughlin Hall rm. 321

130 Stuart St.

Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L 2V9

Tel: (613) 888-3975

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